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Ankor Wax

Ankor Wax is a complete, long-term, rust-proofing treatment particularly suitable for cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, boats and marine equipment. When applied to metal surfaces Ankor Wax penetrates every nook and cranny and chemically bonds to metal surfaces extracting any moisture then sealing the surface with a tough, long-lasting adherent barrier that prevents the corrosive action of road salt, water, sea spray and acid rain. 

After application, Ankor Wax cures to a tack free condition providing a layer of tough, pliable, bonded rustproofing material. This coating is tenacious and tough, it resists abrasion from road debris and other mechanical damage and will not crack, chip, peel or flake. The coating also remains sound and intact in all climates. Ankor Wax essentially seals off the surface, starving it of moisture and air = rust.

Ankor Wax dries clear and is clean to use requiring little or no clean up after application.



Ankor Wax on new paint

If your paint quality is good or you've just repainted, a regular high quality polish will protect the paint and metal beneath but the areas of the car that are prone to rust, usually where water can settle, will still be prone to eventual rust. An invisible skim of Ankor Wax in gutters, lower wheel arches, sills, windscreen and window surrounds etc will keep moisture away. Water hates Ankor Wax. If it can't roll off, it will sit there until it evaporates. 


Ankor Wax on patina

The Oval beetle pictured has had a full coat of Ankor Wax to preserve the paint while maintaining the patina of the car. The paint is oxidized and chalky, bare metal in some places and some surface rust. All are sealed from the weather, preventing further deterioration. Some areas you'll see have been buffed up more than others to demonstrate the "dial up your finish" ability.



Choose your finish

Ankor wax also allows you to choose the finish you want. It will automatically come up as a satin finish but the wax coating can be buffed to a gloss if the paint underneath is shiney. Weathered finishes can be buffed to a shine but the quality of what's underneath the wax will determine how shiney. The pick up in the pic had just been painted in a satin paint so the Ankor Wax standard satin finish works perfectly.


General application

Ankor Wax can be applied by air-less or low pressure spray equipment or with a brush.


Their are endless applications for Ankor Wax and manufacturers state that, for long term preservation the product should be applied to the point of saturating the surface without dripping. However for a car body it's better to apply a light coat and reapply when necessary. You'll know when it's time to reapply when water no longer beads on the surface. As a guide, if the vehicle is out in the weather all year round, reappliction may be required every 12 months. If the vehicle is kept undercover and only comes out on sunny Sundays, it may never need further applications.

Surface preparation is not critical but loose scale or rust should be removed. Application can be made over light surface rust or dirt and over previous intact undercoating. Ankor Wax can be removed if and where necessary using commercially available solvents such as Kerosene or Paraffin.

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